NOTICE:  On January 21, 2014, a court order was entered by the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Mississippi approving the appointment of Kristina M. Johnson as Trustee of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Estate of Community Home Financial Services, Inc., Case No. 12-01703-ee, pending in the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Mississippi.  Click here to see a copy of the Order approving the appointment of the Trustee.  As a result of the Trustee’s appointment, no one other than Kristina M. Johnson who claims to represent or to be employed by Community Home Financial Services, Inc. has authority to accept payments, modify loans or payments, or take any other action with regard to loans which are accounts of Community Home Financial Services, Inc.

If you have been making payments to Community Home Financial Services, Inc. (“CHFS”) on-line via this website, please be advised that the Trustee is unable to accept payments through this website.  However, the Trustee can receive email messages through this website at and can receive fax messages at 601-949-4665.

Until advised otherwise, please remit any payments on CHFS accounts payable (by check or money order only) to “Community Home Financial Services” to the following address:

Kristina M. Johnson, Trustee of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Estate of Community Home Financial Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 23368

Jackson, MS 39225-3368


Please note that your regular payment should be mailed in time to be received by your regular due date.  Please IMMEDIATELY STOP any access to automatic withdrawals by CHFS to your bank account or debit/credit card payments by CHFS by phone or automatic draft.  No payments should be made to and no instructions should be taken from anyone identifying themselves as “with CHFS” except through Ms. Johnson.  There are no employees of CHFS currently and the only person authorized to speak on the company's behalf relating to CHFS borrower inquiries is Ms. Johnson or her attorneys, Jeffrey R. Barber (or any other attorneys designated by the Trustee with the law firm of Jones Walker, LLP) or John D. Moore.  Because the books and records of the company have not yet been turned over to Ms. Johnson from CHFS’s former management, she is having to rebuild borrower files from information provided from a variety of sources including the borrower’s own records.  Ms. Johnson is unable at this time to issue monthly statements.  If possible, please forward a copy of any loan information to the Trustee (including a copy of the promissory note/contract and any other loan documents) and the last statement received from CHFS (including the original of any return envelope that may have been received with any statement).  If you have not yet received a letter from Ms. Johnson, she will send you a more formal letter containing this information if you will fax or email her the name on the account, the account number and a mailing address.  For more information, please see the following press release by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Mississippi:

Ms. Johnson is receiving a large volume of calls daily.  Thank you for your continued patience as she returns those calls in the order they are received.  If you have a specific question, email may be a quicker way to communicate with Ms. Johnson.

FOR PAYOFF REQUESTS please fax or email the Trustee the following:

  1. Name of borrower(s) on CHFS account;
  2. Loan number;
  3. Mailing address of borrower(s) and property address if different from mailing address;
  4. Telephone number of borrower(s);
  5. Date through which payoff should be calculated; and
  6. For attorney or title companies, a copy of the authorization from borrower(s) to release information to you.

FOR SHORT SALE REQUESTS, please fax or email the Trustee the following for her consideration:

  1. Copy of short sale contract;
  2. Pro forma HUD-1 settlement statement;
  3. Any appraisals;
  4. Current statement showing payoff owed to first lienholder; and
  5. Date of proposed closing.

The Trustee will update this website from time to time as more information becomes available.

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